Admissions Policy

 Under the liberal academic culture of Hitotsubashi University, the Faculty of Law aims to develop people armed with legal expertise and international insight based on an acute sensitivity to human rights and healthy public-spiritedness.


 The Faculty of Law encourages motivated persons, who are interested in social issues and have high linguistic and reasoning abilities, to apply. For the learning of jurisprudence and international relations that deal with many problems in the real world, it is essential for students to take an interest in a variety of social phenomena, including those that are not necessarily familiar to them. They need to be willing to turn their attention to social issues reported every day and spontaneously deepen their own understanding of the issues by collecting information from different sources. It is also important to learn not only from the current social issues, but also from Japanese and world histories.


 While logical thinking can be fostered through the curriculum of the Faculty of Law as a whole, the basic ability to think logically is required for the admission to the Faculty. Training in the ability to comprehend essays and articles and mathematical thinking will lead to the development of logical thinking.


 Last, it is essential to have high linguistic competence as a prerequisite for the knowledge and skills to be acquired in the Faculty of Law. The linguistic competence here includes not only a command of a foreign language, but also reading ability and the power of expression in Japanese. For the Japanese language, applicants are required to demonstrate the ability to accurately understand the gist of sentences and the ability to write relatively long logical sentences for admission to the Faculty. Moreover, as a prerequisite to develop an adequate international sense, communication skills in foreign languages centering on English are also considered important. In the midst of accelerating globalization, basic foreign language skills are indispensable for both students who plan to major in the positive law of Japan and those who aim to become legal professionals.


Summary of entrance examination (japanese)