Five-Year Combined LL.B.-LL.M. in
International Relations (Five-Year CBMIR)


Since April 2019, students at the Faculty of Law have had the opportunity to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years under the “Five-Year Combined LL.B.-LL.M. in International Relations (5-year CBMIR)”. The program offers an opportunity for undergraduate students seeking a more advanced academic and professional training in the areas of international relations and/or international history who can demonstrate their academic excellence in their first three years of study. The Faculty and Graduate School of Law generally require students to spend a total of at least six years pursuing undergraduate and master’s degrees – four years for an LL.B. and two years for an LL.M. However, the students in this program can obtain these degrees in a total of five years. Students can apply to enroll in this program at the end of the third year of the undergraduate program.