A graduate school specializing in commercial law, designed for working adults

The Business Law Department was established in 2000 as part of the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy. Building on its success and achievements in legal education for working adults, it became part of the Graduate School of Law from 2018.

In addition to the basic Masters degree, students can specialize in the “IP Strategy” or “Global Business Law”. Students can earn a certificate in either specialization, manifesting their high development of skills and knowledge in intellectual property or global business.

  Purpose: To provide advanced training to established legal professionals to better equip them to play an active role on the global stage.

  Students: Business people and legal professionals such as attorneys, civil servants, etc. Students come from various industries and backgrounds and are at all stages of their careers.

  Faculty: Established and experienced academic researchers and legal practitioners active in the front lines of modern law practice work in close partnership to develop timely, engaging courses. Learning is designed to be maximized through engaged interaction between faculty and students.

  Campus: A building in the city center near the Imperial Palace (Takebashi/Jimbocho). Students attend classes after finishing their working day, often engaging with faculty and fellow students until late into the night.

The Master’s Program in Business Law is eligible for the “Specialized Practical Education and Training Benefits”.