About the Faculty of Law

 Under the liberal academic culture of Hitotsubashi University, the Faculty of Law aims to develop people armed with legal expertise and international insight, which are based on an acute sensitivity to human rights and healthy public-spiritedness.


 At Hitotsubashi University, a center of education and research in social sciences, the Faculty of Law has long engaged in the development of professionals based on broad education and a comprehensive perspective of the social sciences. The professional education provided by the Faculty of Law is built on the core fields of jurisprudence and international relations. The Faculty of Law believes that the development of legal and logical reasoning and an excellent international sense at the same time will lead to the development of people who can meet the challenge of the advancement of law-based society and globalization and contribute to the realization and improvement of free, peaceful political economic societies in Japan and in the world for many years to come.


 With the aim of sending such human resources into society, the Faculty of Law confers a bachelor’s degree to the following persons: 1) persons who have a keen interest in a variety of issues that arise in every domestic and international society; 2) persons who have the ability to analyze various conflicts of interest and opinion inherent in modern society in a logical and multilateral manner while learning from history and the wisdom of predecessors; 3) persons who spontaneously work out future-oriented, fair and equitable solutions; and 4) persons who have acquired skills to clearly communicate ideas in a compelling manner.