Admissions Policy

 Based on the mission, guiding principles, and basic policies of the Hitotsubashi University’s Mission Statement, the Graduate School of Law aims to contribute to Japanese society and international society by creating new intellect in the fields of jurisprudence and international relations. While developing researchers for advanced and interdisciplinary research, the Graduate School of Law has been committed to the development of versatile and resourceful professionals, particularly those who are well-versed in business legal affairs and have a high international sense and acute sensitivity to human rights and those who can successfully prevent or settle domestic and international conflicts.


 Based on such a tradition, the Graduate School of Law intends to accept a diverse group of people who are motivated to create intellectual and cultural properties, which will contribute to building a free and peaceful political and economic society, and will serve as leaders to that end. Under the admission policy of accepting diverse students who had a solid understanding of the fundamentals of their proposed major and the necessary imagination and conceptual power to develop that knowledge, the Graduate School of Law not only offers general entrance examinations for the Master’s programs for students wishing to become researchers, but also has special admission quotas for mature-aged students and students from overseas. For doctoral programs, we ensure fairness, openness and diversity by setting special admission quotas for those who have completed professional law schools, those who have passed the national bar examination, and mature-aged students, in addition to an admission quota for students from master’s programs.