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Hitoshi Aoki Masahiro Hashimoto Tsuneo Matsumoto
Takeshi Mizubayashi Seigo Mori Susumu Morimura
Wang Yunhai Susumu Yamauchi Jiro Yashiki

Name Takeshi Mizubayashi
Title Professor
Brief career history
(educational background / degree)

1970            Graduated from the Tokyo University Faculty of Law
1972           Completed Tokyo University Faculty of Law Graduate Certificate in Political Science specializing in basic law
1972           Research Assistant, Tokyo University Faculty of Law
1975           Associate Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University Faculty of Law
1988           Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University Faculty of Law
2005           Professor, Hitotsubashi University

Specialization History of Japanese Legislation
Message Whether an artist or an athlete, any person who has performed great work always says, “above all, it’s the basics that matter.” The same can be said of studying. While at university, first of all, please study the academic field that will become your foundation widely and systematically. Without a strong foundation, even if you concentrate all your power into applicable things - which may be fine for short-term adaptable potential - growth will soon come to a stop and eventually you will not be able to do very much after all. Anyone who studies law at Hitotsubashi University, a university specializing in the humanities, should make the most of this environment before going deep into a specialized subject, by widely studying cultural subjects such as philosophy, logic, linguistics, history, sociology, economics, political science, and foreign languages. At first, for a specialized subject, please work slowly and carefully on the basic subjects concerning the existing legislation starting with the constitution and the civil law, and each field of basic jurisprudence (philosophy of law, history of law, sociological jurisprudence, comparative law, foreign law, etc). I am sure that everyone is aware of the importance of the basic subjects concerning the existing legislation; therefore I would particularly like to emphasize the importance of basic jurisprudence here. The study of existing legislation and basic jurisprudence are like the two axles of a car. No matter which one is missing, the car will not run satisfactorily.