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Takeshi Mizubayashi Seigo Mori Susumu Morimura
Wang Yunhai Susumu Yamauchi Jiro Yashiki

Name Susumu Yamauchi
Title Professor
Brief career history
(educational background / degree)

Hitotsubashi University Graduate School doctoral course
Doctor of Law, Hitotsubashi University (1986)

Specialization History of Western Legislation, History of Comparative Legislation
Message My specialty is the history of legislation. Even in the same subject called the history of legislation, there are various styles. My interest is not so much in the law itself, but rather in a wider area of law, legal thought, and common ideas related to law. These are the clues with which I aim to take a historical approach to understanding human society. Conclusions cannot be reached easily, but I think that it is important to think. I invite you all to think as well.