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Abstracts of research reports
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Abstracts of research reports
Last updated:2008/04/01
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Abstracts of research reports (all documents are PDF files)

1 Fumie Uno /
Makiko Hayashi
“The Present State and Issues for Research into Law Reception and Law Creation in Japan” (Japanese)
  *Reference diagram 1
2 Yujun Feng “Conclusions of the Research into the Reception of European and American Law in China”(Chinese)
3 Joo Jihong “Reception and Creation of the Korean Civil Law”(Korean)
4 Takeshi Mizubayashi “The Present State and Problem Areas of Research Concerning Traditional Legal Culture in Asia – the Case of Japan -”(Japanese)
5 Hui Yao “Chinese Traditional Legal Culture and the Influence of the European and American (Japanese) Civil Law”(Chinese)
6 Moon Jun-young “The Present State of Research into Traditional Legal Culture in Korea” (Korean)
7 Jiro Yashiki “The European Common Law (Jus Commune) Experience and East Asia”(Japanese)