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Report on activities in 2007
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Last updated:2008/04/01
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1.  Joint research

(1) Three delegates from this program attended the international symposium on “The Problem of Financial Crime under Globalization” held on August 25 - 26, 2007, at the Renmin University of China, and submitted the following presentations of their research.

・ Professor Toshio Kamiyama (Konan University) “Financial Crime in Japan and its Sanctions”
・Professor Keiichi Muraoka “The Gatekeeper System in Japan” 
・Associate Professor Hiroyuki Tsuda (Meiji Gakuin University) “Securities Crime in Japan”

(2) As a delegate from this program, Professor Takeshi Mizubayashi presented a report entitled “The Relationship between the Constitution and Civil Law in Classical Modern Legal Systems - Legal-historical Considerations on France” at the “International Symposium on Comparative Legal Systems" held on October 13 to 14, 2007, at the Renmin University of China. In addition, Lecturer Michiko Aizawa attended the meeting and participated in discussion.

(3) As a part of this program, Professor Jingcun Xu, a member of the Chinese People's Republic Expert Committee on Criminal Procedure Law, visiting Japan on October 12, 2007, was invited to attend a study group and discussed revision of the Chinese Criminal Procedure Law and its relation to the Japanese Criminal Procedure Law.

2. Researcher interchange

(1) From November 6 to December 1, 2007, Associate Professor Yujun Feng of the Renmin University of China Law School was invited to participate in a study concerning East Asian law research.

(2) From January 25 to February 25, 2008, Professor Jun Feng of the Renmin University of China Law School was invited to participate in a study of the mutual relationship between the Criminal Law of Germany, Japan, and China.

3. Seminars

On November 17 to 18, 2007, the symposium held at Hitotsubashi University for this program was attended by Professor Dayuan Han (Deputy Director), Professor Hui Yao (Senior Researcher, Civil Law Unit), Associate Professor Yujun Feng and Lecturer Dong Yang from the Renmin University of China Law School, and Professor Kim Sang Young (Dean of the Law School), Associate Professor Joo Jihong, and Associate Professor Moon Jun-young from the Busan National University College of Law. A total of eight persons, including the Japanese delegates, presented research reports. (For details, please refer to the report of seminars held in 2007)