Diploma Policy

 Based on a philosophy of fostering creative-thinking specialists, rational innovators, and leaders in economics and politics who are cultured and civil-minded, Hitotsubashi University School of Law awards the degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.) to students who have acquired the abilities and qualities described in 1 below and fulfilled the requirements outlined in 2.



1.Abilities and qualities to be acquired

① Possess the qualities of a civil-minded legal professional with a well-rounded education who can play a leading role related to law in various fields in society.


② Be able, as a legal professional, to actively tackle legal problems in Japanese society, evaluating the current situation from the perspective of justice based on legal principles and proposing realistic solutions to them – in some cases, with innovative ideas that will break current deadlocks.


③ More specifically, (i) be well-versed in business legal affairs, (ii) have a broad international perspective, and (iii) have an acute sensitivity to human rights issues.



2.Formal requirements for the J.D. degree

(1) Have been enrolled in the program for at least the prescribed number of years.


(2) Have taken courses in accordance with the curriculum designed to achieve the above goals, earned the prescribed number of credits each year to advance to the next level, and have earned the prescribed number of credits required for completion of the program. First-year students must also pass an aptitude test in order to proceed to second year and attain a score in the range prescribed by the School of Law faculty committee in the Common Achievement Confirmation Test for law school students in Japan.


(3) Have attained the prescribed GPA for compulsory subjects.